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Custom Exam Prep Support for Your Candidates

They're called "High Stakes Exams" for a reason.

You know how much your candidates have riding on this exam, right? Well, why not support them, by giving them access to your own in-house exam prep platform.

Unlimited Practice Tests

Dynamically generated items & custom configuration options ensure your candidates never see the same practice test twice

Instant Detailed Results

Itemized test results - with rationales - let your candidates know exactly where they went wrong… and why.

Ongoing Visual Analytics

Your candidates get a concise yet comprehensive visual snapshot of exactly where they stand as they prepare for their exams.

Study & Review Materials

Test Run lets your organization provide candidates with instant access to key study & reference materials.

A Stable New Source of Revenue for your Organization

Your candidates spend hundreds...Sometimes thousands

on 3rd party study resources to help them prepare for YOUR exam.
Test Run lets you keep that revenue in-house when you provide candidates with an unrivaled study resource at a reasonable price, from the most reliable source available... YOU.

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